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About Alyson


"I have always felt a deep connection with animals and nature, and the beauty that surrounds me in every day life. Flora and fauna, a love of all living things, the simple things in life such as dewdrop on a leaf twinkling in the sunlight or admiring a dark starry sky in total awe of the universe we live in.

My creative talents were nurtured from an early age so I grew up with a great love of The Arts. I studied Art & Photography as an adolescent and continued to draw, paint and take photo's throughout the years. Time past and it wasn't until my children had grown that I once again pursued my photography seriously, and worked to complete a Diploma in Photography.

As you view my portfolio, I hope you enjoy the journey with me into this beautiful world through my eyes."


                                              Warm Regards,


                                                               Professional Photographer Brisbane - Alyson McGovern Professional Photography


Browsing through Alyson's website, you will find a collection of stunning images including landscape, nature, animal and macro photography. Alyson also provides a variety of products and services provided throughout Australia.

We provide a secure and easy-to-use online store for purchasing professional print and digital products that you will treasure forever.